Quality Assurance

Progressive Building Services developed its Quality Assurance Program for one major reason: Our business had grown to where our corporate president was unable to visit personally each building every month to ensure that all Progressive Building Services accounts were being maintained in accordance to his personal standards.

Progressive Building Services implemented the most reliable and innovative inspection program in the janitorial service industry. The system exceeded the expectations of our executive management team and ensures that all tenant spaces, restrooms, loading docks, common area lobbies, freight and public elevators, and any other special space that is critical to the overall satisfaction of the property manager is never missed during an inspection. The inspections through this system are performed jointly with the property manager, the Progressive Building Services quality assurance inspector, the Progressive Building Services area manager, and the Progressive Building Services operations manager to code areas to be inspected every month. The reports generated from these inspections are available immediately upon completion of the inspection and are provided to the property manager. This timely distribution of results allows the property manager to follow up on any inspection and determine if Progressive Building Services’s rating of any given area is in agreement with his/her assessment of the cleaning of that space. Most site inspections include the Progressive Building Services Inspector, the Progressive Building Services Area Manager, and/or the Progressive Building Services Building Supervisor. Every inspection report is reviewed by the president of Progressive Building Services, and he meets each week with the Progressive Building Services Inspector to review buildings that were inspected during the week.

To enhance further our quality assurance program, Progressive Building Services incorporates a program of checks and balances that begins with executive management and extends all the way to the general cleaner at each of its accounts to ensure that all levels of service are successfully accomplished. One of our most effective tools for daily, hands-on information is our daily inspection system. All building supervisors are trained to inspect the quality of service at the end of each daily or nightly shift. Additionally, Progressive Building Services managers are required to visit each of his/her accounts daily and check in with building management personnel and our on-site supervisors. The feedback from these daily meetings is reported directly to the Operations Manager who meets every day with the President of Progressive Building Services. This continuous interaction between headquarters management, building management, and on-site staff ensures attention to detail is accomplished and Progressive Building Services is continuously meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs.


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