Window Cleaning

At PBS, we’ve always asked ourselves: How can we clean windows better? More efficiently? In safer ways for people, their property and the planet?

Over the decades, our answers have kept getting better and better. Today, they include:

West Michigan’s first robotic high-rise window cleaning machine pressure- and power-washing machines that use sterilizing steam super-cooled polishing machines that repair glass without heat distortion screen cleaning with micro-jets of water that won’t bend frames or make screens sag exceptional green cleaning materials and methods

PBS is certified by the International Window Cleaners Association. We’re members of the National Environmental Health Association, the American Society for Healthcare and Environmental Services, the International Facility Management Association and the Grand Rapids and Holland Area Chambers of Commerce.

West Michigan’s pick since 1926

Over the years, what customers have cared about most isn’t our technology, memberships or even our honors. It’s our people: the most experienced, responsible, reliable window cleaners around.

So when we send a PBS person to see you, we’ll send you a photo first. That way, you’ll know the trustworthy pro who comes to your door. Because it’s not just West Michigan windows that we want to keep spotless. It’s also our reputation.

window cleaning