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Progressive Building Services

Quality Assurance

Progressive Building Services developed its Quality Assurance Program for one major reason — our healthcare cleaning services business grew to where our corporate president could not visit each building every month to ensure that all our accounts were being maintained in accordance to his personal standards.

Progressive Building Services implemented the most reliable and innovative inspection program in the janitorial service industry. The system continues to exceed the expectations of our executive management team. We ensure the complete inspection of all tenant spaces — restrooms, loading docks, common area lobbies, freight and public elevators, and any other special space critical to the overall satisfaction of the property manager. 

We perform monthly inspections through this system with the property manager and our internal quality assurance inspector, area manager, and operations manager. Besides generating inspection reports upon completion, we provide them to the property manager. This timely distribution of results allows the property manager to follow up on any inspection and determine if Progressive Building Services’s rating of any area is agreeable to their assessment of the cleaning of that space. 

Most site inspections include the Progressive Building Services’ Inspector, Area Manager, and/or the Building Supervisor. The president of Progressive Building Services reviews every inspection report and meets with the Inspector weekly to review inspected buildings.

To further enhance our quality assurance program, Progressive Building Services incorporates a program of checks and balances. Our hierarchy begins with executive management and extends all the way to the general cleaner at each of its accounts. One of our most effective tools for hands-on information is our daily inspection system. We train all building supervisors to inspect the quality of service at the end of each daily or nightly shift.

We require managers to visit each of their accounts daily and check in with building management personnel and our on-site supervisors. Direct feedback reporting from these daily meetings to the Operations Manager is vital. This continuous interaction between headquarters management, building management, and on-site staff ensures that Progressive meets and exceeds our customer’s needs daily.

For over 25 years, Progressive Building Services has been a successful corporation able to provide full service for most healthcare cleaning services and building maintenance needs.  Our leadership offers a combination of over 150 years in health care cleaning.

  • Corporate Headquarters: 440 36th Street at Roger B. Chaffee Boulevard in Wyoming, Michigan.
  • Holland Division: 697 Lincoln Avenue, Holland, Michigan.
  • We employ approximately 170 employees in West Michigan.
  • 90% of our employees are full-time.
  • 80% of our janitorial customers are health care facilities.
  • Hospitals, Physician Offices, Surgical Centers, Kidney Dialysis Centers
  • Commercial Offices
  • Industrial Plants
  • Colleges, Universities
  • Property management companies.


  • We deliver quality service at a reasonable price.
  • Employees: are our most valuable asset.
  • We comply with the highest standards of cleanliness using environmental-friendly products.
  • Perform police background checks on every new hire.
  • Conduct random drug testing on a continual basis.
  • We currently serve over 150 customers with annual revenues of $7.5 Million.


Management Team

John Beck, President

Progressive Building Services was founded in 1992 by John Beck, who has an extensive background in cleaning medical facilities in an efficient and effective way. While working as the director of EVS for Blodgett, John understood that a company with his healthcare cleaning services expertise could thrive and be successful in cleaning not only medical facilities but any facility that needs cleaning.

John’s Experience  

    • Over 25 years of hospital cleaning management experience 
    • Responsible for all daily operations of PBS 
    • Director of Environmental Services at Blodgett Memorial Medical Center 
    • Served for 10 years as an officer in the National Healthcare Environmental Services Association, a part of the American Hospital Association, headquartered in Chicago, IL 
    • Served on Infection Control Committee for Berrien County 
    • Served on Infection Control Committee for Blodgett Memorial Medical Center 
    • Consulted for the government of Costa Rica re: Environmental Services Practices and Procedures in the Government Hospital 
    • Featured in both Cleaning Management and Sanitary Maintenance magazines

It is John’s vision to continue to expand our extent of services to meet the scale of our clients’ needs, anywhere around the state of Michigan, while ensuring a uniform standard of service excellence. PBS builds value for our clients by reducing operating costs while keeping their properties safe, clean, comfortable and energy efficient through individual or integrated solutions.

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