Move Your Business Into a Spotless New Facility

Building expansion and cleaning go hand in hand. You don't want to start day one with a mess, do you?

A successful business will soon outgrow the limited office space it once needed. When planning a business expansion, your new facility be ready for operations from day one. This means cleaning anything that may hinder performance.

You won’t want to move into a new building that’s covered in dirt and sawdust from new construction, right?

There may even be stray carpet or trash left behind and trying to cleanup yourself before settling in will take time. Instead, focus on your business, and let Progressive Building Services take care of the rest.

Progressive Building Services will address any cleanup necessary in your new space before you close the doors on your old location. Whether it’s picking up after construction, cleaning the floors and carpets, or dusting the blinds, Progressive wants you to walk into a spick and span new building.

We won’t just stop at the edge of your office space, but we can add shine to all windows, walls, vents and grates, and the bathrooms. This is your business’s new space, and none of it should look old.

The success of expansion can also bring with it the stress of going through a move. Progressive Building Services does not want your business to skip a beat, offering you a smooth transition into a fresh and clean facility. For more information, or to receive a quote, contact Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096.

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