Effective Construction Cleanup That Won’t Put You Behind Schedule

A uniformed man uses a heavy duty vacuum to complete construction cleanup.

Remodeling or building an addition can help use more space in your facility. With that extra space, however, that requires more time and energy spent on the upkeep and maintenance. Way before you get into your regular schedule, there is still plenty of construction cleanup to do.

Many builders rely on construction cleanup companies to remove dirt, dust, and debris that the construction crews leave behind. Progressive Building Services will do the elbow grease so you can get back to business.

We will get every surface and between the cracks. Progressive’s construction cleanup services include cleaning window sills and window frames, scrubbing floors and tiles, wiping down the walls, removing dust from ceiling fixtures, and thoroughly vacuuming each space.

You won’t be able to wait for the debut of your facility’s new space. That is why our post-construction cleanup team will leave your property clean, smelling fresh, and instill a sense of pride among its new occupants.

Progressive Building Services does not just focus on construction jobs. When your new space is open for business, you need it to stay in the best shape possible.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep not only your new space, but your entire building, looking like the high-class facility it deserves to be.

Do not ignore the mess left behind, instead call Progressive Building Services to help with your construction cleanup so your business can be up and running as soon as possible.

For more information, or to receive a quote, contact Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096.

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