Pick the Right Healthcare Cleaner for Your Facility

The perfect healthcare cleaning service relies on more than chemicals. It's about caring for your facility and patients. A plant in a hospital room.

Typical custodial services are not well-equipped to handle the thoroughness required for the healthcare industry. When you are looking for the right healthcare cleaning service to take care of your hospital or medical offices, you need to find the company that checks all the boxes.

People have an expectation of getting well and not becoming sicker when they visit their doctor. With Progressive Building Services, we will help minimize the risk of illness through healthcare associated infections and can reduce any possible cross contamination.

We prevent the spread of organisms through extensive and robust training provided to our technicians. These specially trained environmental technicians know what areas need to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently with hospital-grade cleaning and disinfectant products.

Plus, we will never keep you in the dark. Progressive Building Services will maintain good communication with you, keeping you in the loop with every aspect of our operation. Our increasing workforce productivity will meet your ongoing demands and we guarantee that our efficient workforce will reduce operational costs for your facility.

Regardless of the medical care facility, Progressive’s healthcare cleaning service will make sure that proper disinfecting and best practices will exceed the toughest healthcare cleaning standards and regulations. We guarantee that our facilities lead the nation to reduce HAIs.

For more information on our health care cleaning services and how to prevent HAIs, contact Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096. You can also request a quote and see for yourself all the benefits of choosing Progressive Building Services will have for your facility.

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