Progressive Leads the Way in Janitorial Programs

Progressive provides expert janitorial programs

For cleaning hospitals and other healthcare related buildings, Progressive Building Services leads the way. What separates Progressive’s janitorial programs from the rest of the competition is our high level of standards and excellent training. If you are looking for quality cleaning services in the healthcare industry, then look no further than Progressive.

For all of our new hires, the training does not stop after orientation. We strive to instruct every one of our employees through safety ongoing education, which is how Progressive stays ahead of all other cleaning services.

We do not limit the strategy of procedures to an all-encompassing set of standards and guidelines. Our commercial janitorial services address both general and specific-to-site information to ensure that we train and qualify Progressive employees for the activities they perform.

Every site we service receives nothing but the best that our crews can offer. We train each employee and new hire on our own policies and procedures, general safety, confidentiality, customer service, professionalism, reporting injuries, proper waste handling, and quality assurance.

Specific sites require specific training, and Progressive understands the importance of getting the job done right. The training for employees that work in healthcare or other clean room environment facilities includes information on universal precautions, blood-borne pathogens, regulated medical waste handling, regulated infectious waste handling, and regulated biohazardous waste handling. 

Just as the medical field progresses, so does our safety education. We can enhance our techniques to stay on top of any situation, handling many circumstances to get your cleaning project done.

Your facility needs to be clean and needs to stay clean. Contact Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096 for more information or to receive a quote for our janitorial programs.

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