Save on Your Facility’s Custodial Services with Progressive

Hiring Progressive can cut costs with its custodial services. A cost reduction bar graph.

A clean healthcare environment is paramount to the success of the facility, and the well-being of its patients and staff. But balancing a budget on how to best manage that facility can be tricky. Fortunately, Progressive Building Services is here to be not just the best custodial services in the area, but also to help save on the cost required to manage, and maintain, that facility.

Progressive Building Services specializes in increasing workforce productivity to meet ongoing demands and guarantees that our efficient workforce will reduce operational costs for your facility. We also guarantee to raise your locations Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey scores. 

Direct cost savings created when Progressive Building Services takes over your environmental services management and processes can translate into savings between 15-25 percent, depending on the hospital and the services chosen.

The team at Progressive will evaluate and hire all acceptable personnel that are currently employed, and group them with our potential customers to train them in proper efficient healthcare cleaning techniques. We then conduct ongoing education so that the transition period is seamless. 

Our extensive background in cleaning medical facilities allows our skilled management team to eliminate the non-productive time spent by the normal custodian that isn’t being held responsible for managing their time effectively.

Progressive ultimately guarantees an efficient custodial services and a guarantee that you will save on your operating costs. To receive a quote or find out more on how you can save on the cost of cleaning your facility, call Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096.

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