Spotless Carpets Can Mean More Than Just a Clean Floor

Floor cleaning goes beyond spotless carpet cleaning, but it helps.

Carpet cleaning requires more than just vacuuming up dirt or removing stains. To keep your carpeting in its best continual condition, it requires regular upkeep. Proper maintenance is vital to not only your flooring but your entire facility, which is why you need Progressive Building Services for your floor cleaning needs. 

You should not wait for an emergency to clean your carpets. The condition of your entire building is paramount, from the ceiling to the carpet and everything in between.

By taking care of your carpeting, you will improve the quality of the rest of your facility.

Trapped inside your carpet is a vast number of germs. You wouldn’t wait months to wash your hands, would you? So why wait months to clean your carpets? Eliminate more than just dirt and debris from your carpets, but eliminate any health threats.

Cleaning your carpet will also improve the air quality throughout your facility. The proper carpet cleaning service can prevent the spread of harmful air particles and can even aid your HVAC system to steer harmful pollutants out of the building.

Progressive Building Services stays on the forefront with cleaning methods, and our two-step, deep clean process is the carpet cleaning system recommended by America’s largest carpet manufacturer.

Our floor care services are quick, convenient, and hassle-free. We are in and out of your property in a flash, and we even return your office furniture to its original position.

Our floor cleaning services also include professional care to your hard floor surfaces. We aim to keep high-traffic areas, such as hallways and business entryways, spotless. While the finish on hard floors protects it from dirt and grime, flooring needs to stand up well over time beyond vacuuming and light mopping.

With years of experience in the floor care service, Progressive provides you with the best carpet cleaning service available. For more information, or to receive a quote, contact Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096.

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