Stop the Spread of Germs

A mask can help Stop the Spread of Germs

Germs can spread easily in densely populated spaces, such as the home or workplace. While we can spread some of these through the air, we spread others through contact, either by touching another person or touching unclean equipment or surfaces. To best stop the spread of germs, you need to be sure that your environment is clean and safe.

The main areas where these germs are likely to spread are in the kitchen and in the bathroom, so you should put a lot of focus on those two places. Routine cleaning schedules can make a huge difference, but it needs to be more than just wiping down counters.

Use soap and hot water or a disinfectant to kill these germs, but be thorough. Besides counters, you need to clean all surfaces that somebody can come into contact with, including handles, door knobs, faucets or other high-frequency items.

Cleaning requires another step afterward, which is drying. A dry surface is a safer surface. Lingering dampness can help any remaining germs survive, or if there is enough water, those germs will multiply.

Surfaces not just need to be cleaned, but clean them with germ-free equipment. Reusing dirty sponges or mops can make the situation worse by spreading germs to other surfaces. 

Responsibly cleaning in the home or at work will have many positive effects, and will keep you, your family and your coworkers safe. This is important everywhere, but especially so in the health care business. The special care provided by Progressive Building Services’ team is noticed by not only your staff but also your patients. 

For more information on why your facility needs a certified health care cleaning company, call Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096. You can also request a quote and see for yourself all the benefits of choosing Progressive Building Services will have for your facility.

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