Why Do You Need a Certified Health Care Cleaner?

When your life is in someone's hands, you shouldn't need to worry about your certified health care cleaner.

Leaving the cleaning duties of your health care facility to just any normal cleaning company isn’t just lazy, but also irresponsible. You need a crew that knows the proper techniques for disinfection, and one that can help prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections. That is why you need to find a cleaning company with the right certifications.

Having a certified health care cleaner handle your facility will be one of the best decisions you can make. The teams at Progressive Building Services can take care of any level of cleaning that your facility requires, starting from carpet care, and rising to infectious waste handling.

Offices in a medical building are low-risk and low-exposure environments, and standard janitorial services apply. These facilities will receive carpet care, hard-surface cleaning, dusting and window washing, and waste removal. 

Moving up a level comes with more stringent certifications. Facilities such as surgery clinics, laser-eye clinics, or dialysis clinics fall under this category, and the cleaning staff needs to be aware of government guidelines and regulations. However, there still are few major risks at these locations.

At urgent care centers, medical centers, pediatric clinics, emergency departments, and other similar health care facilities need even more attention. The exposure level is more severe, and the staff needs to be knowledgeable about those guidelines. Cleaners here will handle rare infectious waste, bodily fluid disinfection, and little “sharps” handling.

The highest level of certification comes with the most strict government guidelines and precautions. These exist at full-service hospitals, nursing homes, and inpatient mental health centers. Staff at these locations must have extensive training to clean and to maintain a safe environment properly. 

The special care provided by Progressive Building Services’ team is noticed by not only your staff but also your patients. For more information on why your facility needs a certified health care cleaning company, call Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096. You can also request a quote and see for yourself all the benefits of choosing Progressive Building Services will have for your facility.

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