Clean Windows Should Be Part of Your Facility’s Vision

Window cleaning is a huge factor in first impressions. The atrium to a hospital with skylights.

Having clean and clear windows in your facility means more than just a better view of the outdoors. It can mean that your windows will last longer, your facility can be more energy efficient, and you can protect your indoor air quality. Adding window cleaning to your facility’s maintenance plan will immediately show results.

When dirt or debris builds up on windows, it can prevent your windows from working properly. Faulty windows will wear down over time and replacing them will end up costing you more than if you had then cleaned regularly.

In an environment like a healthcare facility, the indoor air quality is extremely important. That buildup of dust and debris just hangs around, and then can recirculate through the building. Poor air quality can affect people with allergies and having a healthy staff helps get your patients healthier faster.

Neglecting your windows will only add to the dust accumulation and not maintaining them properly can lead to quicker wear and tear. Drafty windows can mean losing the fresh air you have inside, causing your heating and cooling system to work longer and harder. That will show up on your bottom line as more money spent on your energy bill.

Last, clean windows boost the aesthetic of your workplace. Allowing in more natural light can also boost the mood of your patients and staff, and will help them feel more relaxed and inspired. Dirty windows will restrict the amount of light being let it, and can leave the space inside looking and feeling dark and dingy.

Include a regular window cleaning to your facility’s maintenance routine, and you will notice the benefits right away. Progressive Building Services is certified by the International Window Cleaners Association, so when you call Progressive to get the job done, you know we will do it right. For more information on window cleaning, call Progressive Building Services today at 616-241-1096.

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